Monday, March 31, 2014

When March was fun...

...because some of March simply doesn't fall under "fun". But the fun times are when I pull out the camera so here goes...

In early February the word no one ever wants to hear from their doctor knocked our family a little side ways as Nate's brother was diagnosed with cancer. The weeks that have followed have left us grateful that his leukemia should be treatable and with a new realization that God is bigger than a medical diagnosis and is carrying Josh and his wife and baby every step of the way! It makes So Cal feel far away when they're there and we're here!
We were able to go for a weekend visit with Nate's parents...

The guys worked in the garden and helped with a few things outside.


Enjoying family time and celebrating birthdays before my parents head off across the country to visit my sister....

Dad and Jake

Jake's on the move and playing with the big kids

I am blessed by friends and family who, while walking tough paths, are putting their hope in the fact that God will one day set all things right and be VICTORIOUS! I have seen them trust in the Lord in such a way that gives Jesus the victory TODAY and His light shines ever so brightly in their lives!


"He is a shield to those who walk in integrity" Proverbs 2:2:7b